Holistic coaching for a stronger YOU

Kim in Seattle says, "Fran is just terrific: clear, principled, attentive, adaptive & fun. She can easily employ herself by tending to the needs of the young & already fit, but that may not be the best use of her gifts. She is mature and she’s done her work - this is a true grown-up. Working with over-50 folks like me, she is spiritually employed; she is sowing hope."

If you agree with any of these statements: 

You’ve been told to strength train but doubt your ability to take on something new.

You know you need safe, non-”crazy” exercise but don’t know where to start.

You wonder if you could fall and have a hard time getting up.

You feel some despair about ever being in good shape again.

You’re resistant to coming into a gym to exercise.

You dread being told to change your diet or sleep habits...

Then you are exactly the person I'm inspired by and love to work with. 

I have plans for you! I can help you feel comfortable in my gym — even if you think such a thing is impossible.

About me

In 2001 I started strength training, and this took me back to my best childhood self: a strong, energetic, exuberant female person with lots of potential and confidence. By 2006 I had become a teacher of strength training and physical fitness.

I love experiencing the mind’s connection with the physical body. I’ve had the privilege of helping more than a thousand people explore this connection through physical skill and exercise. Today, I also help people look at their lives as a whole and become more empowered, refreshing the sense of achievement that we all need.

I can help you clear the mental space to work on your fitness, and to decide what to add to or subtract from your routine outside of the gym.

Knowing that all aspects of life are connected, together we can explore whatever changes you need to make in order to feel healthy, free, and unburdened, physically and otherwise.

Erin says, "I have been working with Fran for six months. Our work together helped me change some ingrained behavior patterns and thought processes that kept me from living the balanced life I desire. I slow down now and think about choices I make and which things I say 'yes' to. I gained insights about myself that I never had before. I will keep working with Fran. She is a great listener, asks great thought provoking questions, and helps me hold myself accountable to the changes I decide to focus on each month."