Fitness Is Within Reach with training + coaching

My dream work, the work that I am so inspired by right now, is to help older adults and seriously out-of-shape people improve their quality of life. This is what I want to do more of.

I do teach full-on CrossFit classes in my gym, and I absolutely love the fun classes and the trainees.

At the same time, I’ve always had a simmering desire to share my decade of experience and learning with the people who need my skills even more than would-be CrossFitters in the peak of health.

I felt the first glimmer of inspiration during the group fitness classes I created for cancer survivors through Team Survivor Northwest starting in 2006. More recently, I’ve done plenty of months-long personal training with people over 50 and over 60, some of whom were athletes and some of whom wanted to improve their fitness for daily life.

In 2014 I developed the group fitness classes that became Fitness Within Reach(TM). This let me work with older or less-fit trainees who understood the value of strength training but didn’t want to do CrossFit with all that it entails. I learned that I could find the right level of challege to help people, who would never have considered joining CrossFit, to dramatically improve their fitness.

In 2015-2016, I went through personal-coach training with Patty Burgin/SeattleCoach, a small-group coach training program conducted in person every week in a group of nine students. During and after the coaching program, I mused over how I could incorporate “life coaching” (personal coaching) into the exercise training that I and my gym trainees are immersed in.

Between July and now, the program described on the Fran Mason Coaching site became clear to me: eight- or twelve-week packages of twice-weekly training (physical) plus a coaching (life coaching / not physical) session every other week. The training involves strength training only. But you’ll be surprised at the amount of “cardio” conditioning that comes from strength training that is not as subjectively taxing as you might expect.

The human body naturally adapts to stresses placed upon it. Let’s use that to your advantage, to improve your body and your wellbeing. Use the Contact page to schedule a meeting with me today if you'd like to learn more.