Get-ups are great

A new trainee was extremely enthusiastic to get in shape, but he hadn't been exposed to weight lifting before, so he needed to learn that in class. But he wanted workouts to do at home on non-gym days.

The answer for many people is VERY simple. This is for you if:

  1. you rarely get all the way down on the floor, but
  2. you have no reason to think you can't get up again if you do.

Do this the first few times when someone else can be there with you. If you believe maybe you CAN'T do this, then if you try it, make sure someone is with you who is strong enough to give you significant help.

Get down on the floor, lie down on your back, then stand all the way up again. You probably have a preferred side, or a stronger leg on one side. Start on that side and do one, then try one on the other side. I won't try to specify in a blog post how many times you should do this. Challenge yourself, but don't continue if it starts to feel risky or very wobbly. A little at a time is perfect. This will definitely get easier. Let me know how it goes.

P.S. Personal coaching, but not physical training, can be done long distance. Let me know if you're interested.