Strength training is brain food

It’s becoming widely known that strength training, also called resistance training, is really good for you. Clinical studies are even finding that it’s good for the brain -- better than stretching and balance training and better than “cardio” training. Strength training is exactly what I want to do with you at Fran Mason Coaching + Training.

This New York Times story reports on a study that found weight lifting beneficial to brain health in older people. Lifting weights was more beneficial than stretching and balance training, and more beneficial than “cardio” training, if they had two lifting sessions per week. Basically, their “white matter” (brain) looked better than the control or other exercise groups, with less “shrinkage and tattering” of brain tissue.

This is the study the Times reported on. 

(P.S. Why do I put cardio in quotation marks? Because no matter what kind of exercise you do, you’re getting some cardio training. In the workouts you’ll do with me, you won’t have to go running, jump rope, etc. Trust me, we’ll get your heart rate up anyway!)