Say no to frustration, yes to patience

If you’re trying to lose weight and are frustrated, I have some ideas to share, because hundreds of people have come to me to get in shape. If they stick with their workouts, one hundred percent of them get stronger, fitter, and healthier within two to three months and continue this trend for years. They lose fat, but how much they lose is much less reliable. It’s much more subject to metabolic processes you can’t see and can’t directly control. Even with a healthy, young metabolism, fat loss is gradual, takes a long time, and has an unreasonable tendency not to stick around.

Take a moment to accept that that’s the way it is.

Unlike a lot of fitness trainers, especially the ones with a lot of Instagram popularity, I don’t promise my clients fast fat loss or visible abs. That’s dishonest, as you probably know. We never know how much fat they will lose or whether they’ll ever be able to see their abs. Instead, I promise greater strength and capability.

In my other role, as a life coach, I can help you increase your satisfaction and contentment while you are working on fat loss. I love to help clients cultivate patience and the other attributes I consider to be the primary requirements for making change happen. Regardless what type of exercise and nutrition you choose, you will be happier and better able to appreciate the journey.

I consider these the primary requirements for fat loss: Patience; self-acceptance; self-compassion; willingness to experiment methodically; critical-thinking skills; adaptability; and patience. These are some of the things I can help with in life coaching. Contact me if you’d like to set up an informational interview. Thanks for reading!