Book excerpt: Fitness Is Within Reach

I'm writing a book on strength training for women over 50, from my perspective as... a woman over 50. For updates, like my Facebook page Fran Mason Coaching, and/or add yourself to my email list (at the  bottom of this page). I'll never spam you and I don't send email very often. Below is an excerpt from my book in progress. Send me your questions about strength training -- the more basic the better -- and I will answer you and use your question to help my writing. Thank you!

What’s in this book for you?

You will find out:

  • What real strength training is, how to talk about it, and how to ask informed questions

  • What motivates middle-aged and older women to train? What keeps us going?

  • Why YOU should strength train -- and I’ll prove that it’s not too late to start

  • What to expect from strength training: starting out, in the long run, and for healthy aging

  • Inspiring stories from women age 40 to 84

  • Who I am, how I train at age 53, and why I dream of a world of really strong women

I’m writing for women who are out of shape, or want to be stronger, or who are (like me) over fifty. My goal is to give you a radical new view of your body and make you believe in it in ways you may have never even thought about. For example:

  • Your body is a being of tremendous potential power and capability.

  • Your body is a divine mechanism whose capacities you can take joy in exploring.

  • Your body can become your utterly reliable best friend and part of your means of self expression.

When I was out of shape, and I saw other women who worked hard at rigorous forms of exercise, I sometimes fleetingly glimpsed my own potential. Imagining my potential inspired me, and I sought to chase that vision. I knew nothing about training. All I could do was work out one session at a time for its own sake, doing what my coach told me to do. It felt intimidating and overwhelming at first, but those glimpses of potential and of joy in the physical are what motivated me. That was sixteen years ago. My life and health changed, and now my purpose is to share that vision with you.