What it's like to be trained and coached here

I’ve completed the move out of my commercial gym and into my home training studio. Believe it or not, in this space is all you need to develop physical strength that will probably surprise you. As a companion to training, lifestyle coaching will help you find paths toward your self-care goals.

Inspirational videos and articles like these (Winifred in Seattle; Madelon in Seattle; Gus in Texas), which I had nothing to do with but feel super inspired by, provide some examples of strength development where, at a glance, you might not expect it. (These videos are from trainers I've learned from or have trained with.) The system I use with my trainees is similar, but conservative. We stick to a simple progression, without throwing in lots of extra, high-intensity accessory exercises whose only purpose is to tire you out. 

The lifting you will do with me doesn't typically produce severe soreness. Lifting weights, or learning to move your body in the ways that will be needed for lifting, will make you feel tired and spent, but accomplished rather than beat-up. 

The lifestyle coaching we will do together will give you ways to use your creativity and resourcefulness to keep you on track. If you've been looking for ways to improve your eating habits or your sleep, find time for exercise or ways to enjoy it, or set boundaries at your job for better self-care, for example, our combination of coaching and strength training helps a lot.

I want to say more about the difference between high-intensity exercise versus pure strength training. I have a lot of experience with both. I never played sports or worked out as a young person, but at 40 I started doing CrossFit. As part of it, I learned to lift weights. That part became so important to me that I started specializing in strength training in my own CrossFit gym, CrossFit 206. One significant reason for its closure was that I wanted, for myself and for my clients, to simplify, to do less CrossFit and more pure lifting.

What do I mean by “pure”? I mean that for each session, I plan two lifts for you -- for example, the squat and the bench press. You get warmed up. You lift light, you rest. You lift a little heavier, you rest. And so on, about four to six times, until you’ve lifted something that moderately challenges you. Then we repeat that weight and number of lifts (that set) two more times. Then we move on to our other lift. 

Two sessions like this per week will make you so much stronger, and make you feel so much better, you may be astonished. Most people start to feel stronger and more confident after about six sessions, and improvements continue for months or years. Bending over to pick something up, or getting down on the floor and up again, become trivial. 

You won’t want to quit this type of training — and you’ll know how to do it on your own when you’re ready, because I make a point of empowering you to do that. (Correctness is important for safety and for progress, but it’s very learnable.)

When it’s warmer we open the door! The ingredients you see in the photo are all you need to improve your strength, agility, balance, confidence, likely your all-around health, and maybe even your mood. Schedule a meeting with me (online or in person) to find out more. I have room for two more clients at the moment!