Self-discipline: trust and ... vigilance?


I worried before I closed my gym, CrossFit 206, that I was going to get soft. I worried I would lose all sense of an active routine, train clients in the home studio, fritter away my time, and fail to train myself. (My mind tends to go down the worst-scenario road!)

Instead, the very first Monday of no CrossFit 206, I found myself looking at the schedule of another gym and making up my mind to go to their noon class. "Jump right in and break the ice!" I thought. Going into an unfamiliar CrossFit is not easy, even for me after all these years and experiences with CrossFit. 

I went in and had a great workout. Just like that -- it took one morning decision followed by one hour in class, and I felt confident about maintaining my active routine. The next day I started a new habit of going for a one-hour walk on days when I don't do a hard workout. 

Now it's three months later. I've been lifting hard, walking every other day, and have joined my first powerlifting competition. I'll squat, bench press, and deadlift at a meet in a couple of weeks.

It now seems unnecessary for me to have worried that I would fail to exercise. But I think self-discipline requires both trust and a bit of vigilance. I can trust myself to continue to exercise even if I take a break from it; and a break is always for a good reason. On the other hand, if I don't work out for a couple of days, I need to wake up and ask myself why not, and what's my specific plan to get back into it? 

Not every workout has to be hard, but you should know what's the most effective workout* for you, what active rest means for you, and try to be active every day. It is long-term daily activity (aside from diet) that does the most to control body fat and keep our posture good and our energy up. 

*"the most effective workout for you" is (a) one you'll do a lot, (b) one that challenges your strength via large movements of your body. Basic healthy cardio conditioning comes with this. Not sure what I mean by that? Contact me any time.