Strength builds confidence... all over the place!


Now that I'm training people with a pared-down, simple menu of lifts and just a few calisthenics, I've learned a few things from my new clientele. One is that it takes about ten training sessions for them to start to feel different, and at that time I often can see a new spring in their step. And two, they describe an array of widely different results after training for a while longer. Some of my favorites are:

"I have more energy and less of the 'blues' in the morning."

"That long hike was so much easier than last year."

"I go down my stairs with my laundry without thinking twice."

"People have told me I look happier."

"I'm stronger, but I've lost weight."

"My clothes are looser even though my weight is only a little bit lower."

"I was confident to drive myself to dinner with a friend instead of her picking me up." 

That last one is amazing to me, and I keep trying to reverse-engineer it -- confidence related to driving on the freeway into a busy urban center. 

It seems newfound confidence in one area also applies to a very different part of life. Additionally, since exercise improves mood in a lot of people, maybe this senior trainee has more optimism that things will go well. Maybe her posture is better and she can see better because of that. Maybe it's a subtle matter of stamina -- of being able to drive that far, park, and walk into the restaurant or her friend's home. Maybe driving a car takes more strength than I realize. 

In any case, I was thrilled to hear that not only is she walking more, and walking down her stairs with her laundry with greater ease, but she's also driving more. In general, she's able to do more of what she wants and needs to do because she's spent an hour exercising with me twice a week for four months. At the moment, she's traveling with her family, and I can hardly wait to hear what she's been doing.