About the photos!

I am sometimes unsure whether I should share pictures and videos of trainees or myself lifting in my studio. On one hand, sure, everybody likes to see what the lifts look like when we’re talking about them. “Here’s what a deadlift looks like” seems like a no-brainer.

On the other hand, sometimes the response on Facebook or Instagram is, “That looks too heavy for me to lift,” or “Wow, she [person in the video] must be really strong!” This is a problem because what you are NOT seeing is how that person started out. (Nobody wants me to post a video of their very first lift! Even if I promise not to use their name!) If you could compare a lifter's “then” to “now,” you might feel much more encouraged.

Some people are inspired by seeing other women lifting weights, and some are discouraged because they can’t imagine how to get there. With anything I share, my aim is to give you an idea that you yourself could do this. By watching me or someone else lift, I want you to see yourself in that picture. Maybe even just long enough to contact me with a few questions.

Everyone is welcome to send me ANY question you have about lifting or training. There are no stupid questions; we are not born knowing this stuff. Email me your questions at fran@franmasoncoaching.com or use the contact form, and that is regardless whether you will ever train with me or not. Please let me answer your strength training questions. My schedule is pretty full BUT I love to answer zillions of questions and spread the lifting knowledge. The more women are empowered about lifting, the better! No matter who you train with. 

You can follow me on Facebook at Fran Mason Coaching, and on Instagram as @fitness_within_reach .