Let's kick off.

Are you ready? Here's what you'll get when you train and coach with me. Most people lose weight and experience less back pain as side effects.

  • Stronger heart and lungs without running or “doing cardio” as you currently know it.
  • Feeling better all around.
  • The skills of patience and self-acceptance, as your workouts gradually advance and your body improves in its own way.
  • Increased strength all over your body -- and you'll start feeling it very soon.
  • Increased capabilities in everyday life, even in those activities you dread.
  • Exercise workouts that build you up instead of breaking you down
  • Knowledge!
    • How to lift and carry objects safely
    • How to exercise with barbells (the best exercise equipment there is)
  •  Confidence:
    • To carry your kids, your groceries, yourself!
    • To lift weights in any gym that has them, without needing any young dudes to boss you around
  • Safety:
    • To get up if you’re down
    • To protect your back from injury, without even having to think (eventually)

The type of exercise you’ll do with me is low in stress, good for sleep, and good for mood.

I teach the Starting Strength Method of strength training. If you want to look into this on your own, the book Starting Strength (Rippetoe) is an excellent, thorough resource that is not just for coaches.

What is personal coaching? How do strength training and personal coaching work together?


Training is physical. Personal coaching is not physical. It provides friendly support for your lifestyle changes and good habits. Coaching is when we get to really talk, and you use your creativity and resourcefulness to clear obstacles out of the way of your improving health.

We meet to train (exercise) once or twice a week for 40 to 60 minutes. We meet for coaching (in person, online, or on the phone) once every two weeks for about an hour, at first.

My role as coach is (among other things) to ask optimistic, open-ended questions to help you expand your thinking and your sense of possibility, and to highlight your successes.

Obstacles we work on might be (just a few examples):

  • How to change habits that are in the way
  • Getting the rest and sleep you need
  • Too much sitting
  • Seeing your way out of “too many demands and too much to do”
  • Getting the help you need with life’s logistics
  • Gradually adjusting your diet and eating enough
  • Difficulty in setting boundaries at work

How I work

We'll meet for 20-30 minutes, ideally in person, to ask each other questions and decide whether we can work together. If we decide to go ahead, I'll give you the coaching agreement to look over and sign. If we are agreeing to a package of training and coaching, payment for the package will be due in advance. Then we'll meet at mutually convenient times for training in my studio, and either in person or online or on the phone for coaching. (Training is physical; coaching is when we talk.)